5 Tricks To Getting Your Home Decor Perfect Each And Every Time

Published on 07/07/2020

Decorating is a skill, that is the honest truth- that’s why many also manage to turn it into a job. However, that doesn’t mean that you either have it or you don’t, anyone can learn to decorate and get that knack for interior design. You can have the most unbelievable art, elegant furniture, and a breathtaking rug but if the elements do not go- or the accessories in your house do not emphasize these elements it all goes to waste. often you do not need new and trendy decor but it is just about the arrangement of the actual decor. Well, we have a few tricks and tips that will have you mastering this art in no time!

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5 Tricks To Getting Your Home Decor Perfect Each And Every Time


When you are arranging decor it is important to combine and mix 3 aspects: height, texture, and shape. Varying these three aspects will create contrast and some sort of interest towards these areas. Varying objects such a vases or boxes of different heights will create a lovely contrast and create something that you will appreciate looking at6, the same applies to shape and texture.

Visual Triangles

Visual triangles apply to spacing, spacing can get truly tricky. This is a great simplified way to place your objects and decor. Start with a symmetrical triangle- place the largest object at the center and the other two on either side either more in front or behind your later piece. Creating a triangle. Once you get more adventurous and comfortable you can try an asymmetrical triangle where your larger object is placed on one of the sides rather.

Rule Of Three

This rule applies to objects that are grouped in odd numbers- odd numbers are the most aesthetically pleasing. Three works great because it keeps you from over-doing it, however, if you have a large space you can also opt for one large solo piece or larger groupings such as seven or nine. Simplicity is key, always, thus, we highly recommend going for three. An easy way to do this is to pick two objects that match and go really well together, and then add one totally contrasting object and there you have a little grouping.

Grounding And Anchoring

Grounding and anchoring aims at decluttering ur surfaces. Grounding is what enables a visual connection and relates to organization. It creates order and homes your pieces. How to ground? Utilizing trays is a great way to create organization. trays on ottomans, foot-rests as well as in bathrooms. These are clutter prone areas but also allow you to move objects quickly and easily. A tray on an ottoman allows you to bring a little decor to the room which is simplistic and thoughtful. Grounding lets your items be anchored so they do not float around the room and lose their intended place.

Breaking Planes

Vertical and horizontal- these dimensions are your friend. You must intertwine and break planes for a more complete look and feel. Plane breakers are decorative objects that are more abstract in shape and add a bit of an unusual look into the more linear and common object-filled rooms. Plants, sphere-like objects, lanterns, and sculptures are all objects that will break planes.